Sacked teacher talks about homophobia

  • 30/11/2012

A teacher sacked from a Northland school for supporting students objecting to anti-gay marriage comments by his principal will speak at a conference in Wellington on today about standing up to homophobia in the workplace.

Nigel Studdart was sacked from Northland's Catholic Pompallier College in September for backing students who planned to wear rainbow wristbands after comments by principal Richard Stanton in a school newsletter. Mr Stanton opposed the proposed legalisation of gay marriage and said same-sex couples might be more inclined to think of children as a right rather than a gift.

Mr Studdart said at the time he was upset that he had lost his job, but he couldn't have done anything else.

"And every time I get another message it really confirms what I did was the right thing to do."

Conference organiser Rawa Karetai, from the Campaign for Marriage Equality Wellington Group, said they supported Mr Studdart taking a principled stand.

Also speaking will be long-time gay activist Bill Logan and Green Party MP Jan Logie. The conference finishes tomorrow.


source: newshub archive

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