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Schools brace for worst pay day with Novopay

Tuesday 5 Feb 2013 8:16 a.m.

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School staff are bracing themselves for the worst pay day yet in the Novopay scandal.

The system's still experiencing major flaws, and teachers expect tonight to be no different.

A ministerial inquiry is being launched, but the Green Party's Catherine Delahunty says the focus, at this stage should be fixing the problem.

“People are out of pocket, schools are out of pocket, obviously the whole country’s out of pocket because of this bad chain of decision making. But what are they going to do now, that’s the important question for the schools.”

Canterbury's Southbridge School Principal Peter Verstappen is expecting a massive chunk to be taken out of his school's funds due to under and over-payments:

“Up to this moment the personal figure for my school is around $8000 to $10,000 and we’re a relatively small school of around 170 students. After this week’s pay run that will probably double it.”

Staff around the country have so far been left around 12-million dollars out of pocket.

The inquiry's expected to cost around half a million dollars.

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