Shalvin Prasad's brother issues emotional plea

  • 08/02/2013

The brother of a man burned to death in South Auckland has made a heartfelt plea to the public.

The body of 21-year-old Shalvin Prasad was found on fire on January 31 by a member of the public, about 5m back from McRobbie Rd in Kingseat, south of Auckland.

His brother, Pravin Prasad, says he is not only mourning the death of his only brother, but his best friend.

He says he and his brother were extremely close and Shalvin would have told him if anything was troubling him.

The night of Shalvin’s disappearance seemed just like any other night and Shalvin didn’t seem out of character at all.

On behalf of the family, Pravin is asking anyone who may know of how his brother’s fate came to be, to come forward.

Police revealed on Tuesday that Mr Prasad had withdrawn tens of thousands of dollars from the bank eight hours before he went missing on January 30.

Det Insp Lynch said none of Mr Prasad's immediate family could give any reason why he withdrew such a large amount of money.

"We're still interested in hearing from any member of the public who has any information about why Shalvin would be motivated to withdraw this money or what has happened to the money."

Police are also hoping Mr Prasad’s phone will help them find his killer, after it was found by a member of the public and handed to police.

The phone is now with the police electronjc crime laboratory for forensic testing.

Police would not say where the phone was found.

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source: newshub archive

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