Spring Hill riot cost tops $14 million

  • 22/08/2013

A riot involving more than 20 inmates at the Spring Hill prison has been given a repair price tag of $14 million.

Prisoners started a number of fires and caused extensive damage to a cell block during the riot,  which occured in early June, and the damage caused has resulted in the incident being called the worst riot the country has seen in more than a decade.

All the inmates involved are now facing a raft of charges including rioting, assault and injuring with intent, for which they will appear in the Auckland District court next week.

The prison grounds are made up of a series of self-contained "pods" and the prisoners used a range of items, including mops and brooms, to enter a pod classes as "high security", where the eight -hour standoff occurred.

The prisoners contained in that particular unit were placed there because of their behaviour within the prison.

Two prisoners and three staff members received medical care following the riot. 

It is believed overcrowding at the prison, which is one of the largest in the country, contributed to the extent of the rampage.

Since the incident, 117 prisoners have been relocated to other prisons.

The Spring Hill  Correctional  Facility was built in 2007 for $380 million and has 1100 beds and 440 staff.

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source: newshub archive