Stewart Murray Wilson returned to jail

  • 21/02/2013

Convicted sex offender Stewart Murray Wilson has been recalled to prison after allegedly contacting a person he had been ordered not to.

The Parole Board made the decision to return Wilson to prison this afternoon after reviewing the claims.

“Corrections has been vigilantly monitoring this offender’s compliance with his parole conditions and immediately made the application after it received information that led it to believe he had breached his parole conditions,” Corrections Services assistant general manager Maria McDonald said in a press release.

Wilson, dubbed "The Beast of Blenheim", was released from prison last August after being incarcerated for 18 years. He was moved to a new property on the grounds of Whanganui Prison.

At the time of his release the local council debated whether or not to issue trespass orders against him, deciding against it in October 2012.

Wilson, 65, was released from prison in August after completing a sentence handed down in 1996 for 22 sex offences against women, children and animals over 25 years in Blenheim.

He was eight days away from having been out of prison for six months when today's decision was made.

Wilson's 17 parole conditions are among the strictest in New Zealand history and include an extensive supervision order, wearing a GPS tracking device, not contacting anyone under 16 without adult supervision and not associating with females at his address.

The Board of Corrections says it will review the decision and decide whether to return Wilson to prison on a permanent basis in March.

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source: newshub archive