Students' mystery pill was a herbal extract

  • 26/02/2013

A group of children who ingested a ‘mystery’ pill on the way to school this morning are being discharged from hospital.

A Canterbury District Health Board spokesman has confirmed the pill was a herbal extract and “suitable for adults and children”.

It is understood a 6-year-old discovered the pills, in a bottle covered in Japanese writing, on the roadside near Christchurch’s Northcote School.

Twelve children aged 7 and 8 consumed the pills, which have since been found to contain traces of geranium extract, a traditional Japanese herbal remedy.

The children had been rushed to hospital this morning, after school staff discovered they had consumed the unknown pills.

Principal Neil Baker told 3 News the hospitalization was a “precautionary” measure.

“When you’ve got an unknown substance, you have to find out what it is.”

Three ambulances transported the children from the school to the Christchurch Hospital Emergency Department this morning. Police were also in attendance.

3 News


source: newshub archive

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