Te Papa chief rejects union claims

  • 28/01/2013

Te Papa's chief executive is rubbishing claims that a restructuring process has been muddied to obscure the number of eventual redundancies.

Michael Houlihan says it's too early to confirm how many jobs will be lost as staff and collection areas are split into two museums – in a bid to streamline the organisation.

A union representing some workers claims Te Papa has been deliberately confusing everyone, but Mr Houlihan says there's been 18 months of consultation.

“Staff felt there was a need change, the board felt there was a need for change so that’s what we’ve been driving,” he says.

“All the documents, all the information, has been hugely extensive. We’ve gone through this step-by-step with staff – they’ve seen it and how it’s developed.

Mr Houlihan expects redundancy numbers to be more clear by April, saying the split means some jobs will be disestablished, while others have been created.


source: newshub archive

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