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Timaru Herald criticised for cartoon

Thursday 19 Sep 2013 2:13 p.m.

The offending cartoon

The offending cartoon

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A cartoon in the Timaru Herald depicting a female MP as a bikini-clad boxing ring girl is drawing flak on social media.

It depicts Labour leader David Cunliffe as a boxer with Jacinda Ardern parading in front of him carrying a placard saying "round 1".

The Herald's editor Peter O'Neill says he published it on "freedom of speech" grounds.

"Freedom of speech is so hard fought for that we should make sure we use it for quality, and I'm not sure I would call this cartoon quality," says Ms Ardern.

Twitter commentators also pointed out the inappropriate timing as today marks 120 years of women getting the vote in New Zealand.

Fellow Fairfax Media publication The Marlborough Express was also criticised in May for publishing a cartoon many people labelled racist.

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