Tokoroa couple found guilty of child abuse

  • 08/02/2013

A Tokoroa couple have been found guilty of a raft of child abuse charges spanning 11 years.

A Rotorua District Court jury took three and a half hours to reach a unanimous verdict on all charges faced by Stanley Willard Hamon, 46, and Elizabeth Tanya Matangi, 33.

Judge Chris McGuire remanded the pair in custody for sentencing on March 14.

At the start of the trial Matangi pleaded guilty to two separate counts of wilfully ill treating a child and the judge later discharged Hamon on charges of threatening to do grievous bodily harm and assault with a weapon.

It has now been revealed that before the trial Matangi admitted separate charges of abducting two girls from CYF care, one from Taupo, the other described as "various places".

The child abuse charges related to Tokoroa, Putaruru, Auckland, Rotorua and elsewhere in New Zealand.

After the jury verdicts, Judge McGuire explained why jurors had been told that the female victim would be giving evidence but had not.

He said this was because on the first day of the trial she saw Matangi and broke down. The next day she saw Hamon's sons and became even more upset.

At his request he'd heard evidence in the jury's absence from a social worker and psychologist and because of the girl's extremely fragile state he ordered that she not testify.

Judge McGuire said this was the first time in his 15 years on the bench that he made made such a call.

He described the trial as "very distressing" for that jury.

The Crown submitted that a boy and girl had been whipped numerous times by Hamon with a belt and that he'd threatened to kill the boy while holding a rifle to his head, saying he'd bury him in a forest.

Matangi was accused of repeatedly hitting the boy with a metal pot and plastic bowl as well as using the belt jointly with Hamon.


source: newshub archive