Trapped cat left to die in harbour

  • 26/02/2013

The SPCA has condemned an “appalling act of animal cruelty” after a cat was found to have drowned in a lobster trap.

The ginger and white cat was brought in from Waitemata Harbour by members of the Royal NZ Yach Squadron, who found it floating on Sunday morning.

SPCA inspector Matt Dingle says there was a food bowl inside the trap with the animal, which suggests “someone lured the cat inside and then disposed of it in the harbour”.

“It is a very sad and inhumane way for an animal to die,” SPCA Auckland vet manager Shalsee Vigeant says.

An examination of the feline confirmed it had died by drowning.

The SPCA is determined to find out who is responsible for leaving the cat to die.

“We need to find the culprit quickly and see justice for this innocent animal,” says SPCA Auckland chief executive Christine Kalin.

“This cat may have been someone’s beloved pet or it may have been a stray, but either way the person who killed it has committed a crime.”

The SPCA is asking members of the public who might have seen someone throwing what looked like a trap into the Waitemata Harbour to call them on (09) 256 7300.

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source: newshub archive