Two classrooms damaged in school firel

  • 02/01/2013

A fire at an Invercargill high school that was initially feared to be tearing through as many as six buildings has only destroyed two classrooms, a staff member says.

Firefighters were called to James Hargest College about 5.50am on Thursday, to find the fire well ablaze. Initially it was believed that between four and six buildings alight, Fire Service southern communications shift manager Karl Patterson said.

Five fire engines were needed to control the fire.

However, later in the morning, deputy principal Al Pannett told Radio New Zealand just two classrooms were burned in a block that was being refurbished.

The fire could be connected to a recent break-in or a smaller fire a month ago, he said.

The damage could be disruptive for the 1950 students due to return when the school year begins.


source: newshub archive