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Tyre-munching dog ‘Bruno’ checks in for therapy

Monday 27 Jun 2011 5:59 p.m.

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By Adam Ray

Bruno the tyre-munching dog is getting professional treatment for his affliction.

The seven-year-old mastiff cross was taken into custody by animal control after attacking tyres on two police cars and another vehicle.

From the pound to the penthouse suite, Bruno today left the animal shelter to be taken to a luxury pet hotel.

The hotel owners offered to accommodate Bruno after seeing him on 3 News last night.

He had disabled three vehicles - including two police cars - by biting and puncturing their tyres.

Rob Ellis, from Pets in the City, says Bruno is a big softie whose only problem is with the odd car tyre.

“He was just so placid, so nice, we thought this can't be right so we thought if we can help,” he says.

Bruno will stay at Pets in the City until his owners build an enclosure to stop him escaping.

He has his own TV, doggy bed, toys, and daily treats.

“I think it's the flashest place he's ever stayed,” says his owner Jayne Gock.

Along with the luxury, Bruno is also getting therapy to repair the tyre phobia he has had since being run over as a puppy.

“I think he's going to be very receptive, he's got a nice personality,” says Carole Ellis from Pets in the City.

While Bruno has a powerful bite he will be treated delicately.

Mrs Ellis is confident she can take the bite out of Bruno's tyre problem.

So when Bruno returns from his luxury suite this weekend, maybe his loving family won't have any more tyre repair bills.

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