US formally requests Dotcom's extradition

  • 05/03/2012

By 3 News online staff

The US has formally requested the extradition of alleged internet pirate king Kim Dotcom, a lawyer representing the US says.

Dotcom, 38, and currently on bail, was arrested at the Coatesville mansion his family rents on January 20.

He faces charges of racketeering, copyright infringement and money laundering in relation to his website, Megaupload, and other sites under the 'Mega' banner, like Megavideo.

The lawyer representing the US government, Anne Toohey, said that extradition papers had been lodged at North Shore District Court in Auckland on Friday.

Dotcom won't know whether he will be extradited to the US until August, when a three-week hearing will be heard.

Dotcom has denied doing anything wrong. Last week he told Campbell Live his arrest was "like a nightmare".

"I am a fighter and I am going to fight this thing," he said.

"I feel confident I am going to win because at the end of the day I know, my family knows, and everybody around me knows that I am no criminal and I have done nothing wrong."

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source: newshub archive

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