'Vagina' ad again ruled OK

  • 14/11/2012

By 3 News online staff

A television commercial featuring a naked woman talking about her period doesn't break any rules, says the Advertising Standards Authority.

In the advert, for Carefree Acti-fresh Panty Liners, a woman talks about the "amazing" female body, including the line: "You know, even that bit of discharge in between our period is our body working to keep the vagina healthy."

It's this line which riled complainant K Jamieson, who called the advert "embarrassing" and "offensive".

"Since when is this sort of topic mainstream advertising, what has the world come to?"

The ASA says there were multiple complaints about the use of the word "vagina" and the mention of discharge. One complainant said it was the combination of the word "vagina" and the woman's lack of clothes that was offensive, as it was "overly sexual".

In response, the ASA said women's sanitary products had been advertised on television "for some time", and previous complaints about this particular advert, and others, had been rejected.

In August, the ASA said "there was nothing pejorative about the anatomically correct name for a body part, especially when taking into account the product being advertised", and as for the woman's nudity, "she was shown from a distance, no genitalia was visible and… the appearance of the woman was neither salacious nor titillating".

Taking "the product, audience and context into account, the Chairman said that there was nothing in the advertisement that was likely to cause serious or widespread offence", says the ASA.

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source: newshub archive