VIDEO: Duncan Garner tries synthetic cannabis

  • 09/05/2013

Amid campaigns to make synthetic cannabis illegal, RadioLIVE Drive host Duncan Garner smoked the drug under the supervision of a doctor, to show just how serious the side effects can be.

Synthetic cannabis is currently sold legally in dairies and convenience stores throughout the country, under names like K2 and Juicy Puff.

The frightening side effects were clearly present on Duncan; red eyes, dizziness and eventually agitated behaviour.

Shortly after smoking the joint outside, Duncan Tweeted that he was ''Bakc i the budiling…' obviously meaning to say that he was back in the building.

He described feeling "light" and "woozy", and was clearly having difficulty standing straight at one point.

Duncan said it was not an enjoyable experience and strongly believes synthetic cannabis should urgently be made illegal.

Watch the video.

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source: newshub archive