VIDEO: Feed or beat the animals? Playskool ad confuses

  • 20/11/2012

By 3 News online staff

A complaint about a television advert for a children's toy which allegedly encouraged cruelty to animals has been thrown out.

The ad, for Playskool's Poppin Park Learn n Pop Lion, shows a mother and child putting plastic balls into the lion's mouth.

The mother says, "My house is a zoo and I love it. For once, it's okay to feed the animals".

Complainant C Cooper however heard something else.

"Towards the end of the advertisement the woman says: 'For once it's okay to beat the animals,'" wrote the complainant. "What is this showing our younger generations? That animal abuse is okay under certain circumstances?"

The Advertising Standards Authority said the complainant, C Cooper, had misheard what the mother said, and as such the there was no grounds for the complaint to proceed.

3 News

source: newshub archive

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