VIDEO: Riding the world's longest waterslide in Auckland

  • 22/02/2013

Hundreds are expected to head to Waimauku in Auckland this weekend to travel down the world's longest waterslide. The 650-metre long slide has a good cause behind it.

The rubber tube is a mainstay of a kiwi kid summer, but now comes with a serious message.

“We have a charity called Live More Awesome, and we help people in New Zealand with depression by getting outside, getting active, getting a bit of a yahoo factor in their life, and what’s more yahoo than the world's biggest waterslide?”

Hunt set up the slide - using duct tape, tent pegs and some plastic matting.

The slide is 300 metres longer than the official world record. But, while the record's been unofficially topped in practice, no one's made it the full length.

“Turns out that it's turned a bit swampy at the bottom, and so the furthest anybody's got is 550 meters, still 200 meters bigger than the record, but not quite the 650 we were after.”

TV and radio personality Marc Ellis slid for around 300 metres. That was the furthest today. But he'll have plenty of challengers, because all 2000 tickets for this weekend have been sold.

Though there could be a nasty surprise for some given the slide's haphazard nature - with tent pegs sticking out of the ground.

You'll also need a decent love of dirt.

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source: newshub archive