Wellington Sevens parties in full swing

  • 01/02/2013

By Rachel Tiffen and Janika ter Ellen

With the first day of the Wellington Sevens over, many of the 35,000 revellers at this year's tournament are packing the capital's bars.

Police say the crowds have been well-behaved so far, but they'll be ramping up their presence tonight for the busiest weekend of the year for emergency services.

Thousands streamed out of the stadium, the biggest party of the year in full force.

Apparently there's been some rugby played today, but as usual it's the costumes, and the party stealing the show.

Police say so far behaviour has been good, with only a handful of arrests, but there were more than 100 arrested during last years' tournament.

It's an annual event but there are new rules to curb lewd behaviour after an audience member tackled a player last year.

Now there's tighter vetting of how much skin is bared in the stadium and strict controls on drinking.

“Anyone who wants to come in and drink alcohol, who's over 18 will be wrist-banded and then if their behaviour gets a bit out of control they risk the chance of losing that wristband and not being able to drink any further,” Sevens general manager Steve Walters says.

But as usual many revellers started partying early. Mongrels, lions, oompa-loompas are just some of the costumes on display today.

Down at the council-built diving board surf-life savers were on the look-out for drunk jumpers.

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source: newshub archive