Whale Oil blogger reveals secret Labour information

  • 13/06/2011

Controversial blogger Cameron Slater is back in the spotlight after leaking secret Labour Party information online.

The Whale Oil blogger says security flaws on the Labour website have allowed him to obtain hundreds of pages of confidential documents regarding membership details and names and amounts of donors.

He revealed that Labour made less than $12,000 in online fundraising, where he described Labour as “broken-arsed”.

Mr Slater also believes there has been a misuse of taxpayer funding for party purposes as he claims to have proof that the donations are being processed by Parliamentary Services staff.

Despite receiving a letter of warning from Labour stating he may be breaking privacy laws by releasing the information, Mr Slater says further confidential Labour documents will be leaked during the week.

The blogger believes it is Labour’s fault for being lax on security saying “I think they should be very worried and concerned. Their information systems weren’t compromised through anything other than incompetence.

“It’s been freely available for more than six months,” he says.

He also denies that the National Party had any involvement in obtaining the confidential documents, a claim Labour disputes calling it a “politically motivated attack”.

They claim the National Party had a choice to alert Labour about the vulnerability in their system, which they say has been immediately secured.

The Labour Party says they have informed the people whose privacy may have been compromised.

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source: newshub archive