Which schools will close, merge or stay open?

  • 17/02/2013

Education Minister Hekia Parata has announced the fortune of 31 Christchurch schools, with many closing or being forced to merge with other schools.

It comes five months after ‘proposals’ to close 13 schools and merge 18 others were made by the Education Ministry.

Ms Parata says 19 schools will now either close or merge.

So far, the fate of the following schools has been unveiled:

Schools closing

  • Branston Intermediate
  • Manning Intermediate
  • Glenmoor School
  • Greenpark School
  • Kendal School
  • Linwood Intermediate
  • Richmond School

Schools already closed

  • Hammersley Park School
  • Le Bons Bay School

Schools merging

  • Phillipstown School to close and merge with Woolston School
  • Special character schools Discovery One and Unlimited to create a year 1-13 school
  • Burwood School to merge with Windsor School
  • Central New Brighton to merge with South New Brighton
  • Freeville School to merge with North New Brighton
  • Lyttelton West School to merge with Lyttelton Main School

Schools staying open

  • Burnside Primary
  • Shirley Intermediate
  • Linwood Primary
  • Bronley School
  • Burnham School
  • Duvauchelle School
  • Gilberthorpe School
  • Linwood Avenue School
  • Okains Bay School
  • Yaldhurst School

Complete rebuild on same site

  • Halswell Primary School

Complete relocation and rebuild

  • Banks Ave School
  • Marshland School
  • South Hornby School
  • Sockburn School
  • Linwood College
  • Ouruhia Model School will relocate to a West Belfast site when the population there grows
  • Either Te Kura kaupapa Maori o Waitaha or Te Kura kaupapa Maori o Te Whānau Tahi will move to a North Christchurch site and the other will stay open.

New Schools

  • One in Pegasus Township to be called Waikuku School
  • One in Lincoln
  • One in Rangiora West
  • One in West Halswell
  • Two in Rolleston

source: newshub archive

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