Yahoo!Xtra email accounts again breached

  • 26/02/2013

Hackers have accessed the email accounts of Yahoo!Xtra customers again – 10 days after a security breach forced Telecom to cancel the passwords of around 60,000 customers.

The latest breach is affecting around 1500 accounts, RadioLIVE reports.

The broadcaster understands the hacked accounts had not their passwords changed after the last incident.

On February 16, Telecom cancelled thousands of passwords for accounts they believe were compromised after a cyber attack.

It took the step as a safeguard to protect customers and prevent information in emails being accessed after users' accounts were hijacked and spam email sent to contacts in their address books.

On Monday it issued a statement saying a number of customer email accounts were still being used to send spam.

"We have emailed those affected letting them know their accounts are being used fraudulently to send emails and that we’ve taken preventative action by locking email accounts in order to prevent the spread of this spam activity," it said.

Telecommunications Users Association boss Paul Brislen says the incident will further strain relations between the telco and its email provider Yahoo!.

"Yahoo certainly hasn't lived up to the billing of the world's best email provider, in the last little while. Telecom's been left to fend for itself in many respects," he told RadioLIVE.

Telecom retail chief executive Chris Quin said after the last breach that the company was carrying out an investigation into the cyber attack and would undertake a review of its email service.



source: newshub archive

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