Opinion: Key must clear up ‘batsh*t’ comments

  • 07/11/2012

The Prime Minister has some explaining to do - and he should not let this drag on any longer.

Key has categorically denied, in Parliament, using the word 'batsh*t' in reference to the claim he called David Beckham "thick as batsh*t."

So that's confirmation he called Beckham, as "thick as ... (insert word here)"

What was it Prime Minister? It's simple and you know the answer.

It's something that is recent enough to recall, as you made a bunch of school girls giggle.

It's clear John Key made a rude and unbecoming remark about Beckham - the superstar.

His denial over the word 'batsh*t' has only confirmed what we all know - that the Prime Minister insulted the star soccer player.

So what was it? He's obviously as 'thick as something.'

It's not the scandal of the universe but it's a stupid comment and it threatens to become a stupid, undignified and growing distraction for the Prime Minister - who has much more fundamental issues to worry about.

The economy has flat-lined and revenue is slowing - that's a more fundamental worry.

But Key should immediately draw a line under this poorly judged comment.

The Prime Minister needs to clear it up - immediately.

Get it out of the way now Mr Key. Tell us what word you used and say sorry - then we can all move on.

Otherwise it's as clear as mud or 'batsh*t' or 'pigsh*t' or ... (insert word here).

source: newshub archive