Australia showing the way: Conservatives

  • 20/09/2012

The Australian parliament's "smart decision" to reject a gay marriage bill shows how socially liberal New Zealand MPs are, the Conservative Party says.

The bill was defeated yesterday, three weeks after the New Zealand Parliament voted 80-40 to pass Labour MP Louisa Wall's gay marriage bill through its first reading.

"This is another example of Australia showing us how to do it and will further support the trend of New Zealanders leaving for Australia," party leader Colin Craig said today.

"The New Zealand Parliament is simply too liberal to ensure the best interests of New Zealand."

Mr Craig says Australia's economic policies are also better than New Zealand's.

"The majority of our MPs are socially liberal, and have little or no knowledge of how to manage an economy for growth."

The Conservative Party contested last year's general election but didn't win any seats in parliament.


source: newshub archive