Budget 2014: Key figures

  • 15/05/2014

The Government revealed its 2014 Budget today with much of the focus going on families, health and a larger-than-expected surplus.

Here are the key announcements.

Parental leave and tax credits

  • Extending paid parental leave from 14 to 16 weeks in 2015, then to 18 weeks in 2016;
  • Widening eligibility for paid parental leave to include guardians and people in casual and seasonal work;
  • Increasing the parental tax credit for people who don't take paid parental leave from a maximum $150 a week to $220, and extending it from eight to 10 weeks.


  • Total new spending of $1.8 billion over four years;
  • $90m for free doctors' visits and prescriptions for under-13s;
  • $112m extra for disability and support services;
  • $110m over four years for elective surgery such as hip and knee replacements;
  • $10m over four years for surgery to combat severe obesity;
  • $5.4m for breast and cervical screening programmes;
  • $40m to promote healthy eating and exercise;
  • $10.4m for sexual violence support services;
  • $20m to fight rheumatic fever;
  • $6.3m for cochlear implants;
  • Predictions ACC costs could be cut by $480m over the next two years, following public consultation.


  • Keeping the student loan debt repayment threshold static to bring in more money as incomes rise;
  • $199m additional investment in tertiary education, including boosts to science, agriculture, ICT and physiotherapy studies;
  • $284m for building five new schools and 148 classrooms, and upgrading existing rooms;
  • $2.5m for the Computers in Homes scheme;
  • $156m of extra funding for early childhood centres
  • $155.7m extra for early childhood education.


  • $50m funding boost, bringing the Govt's total spend to date to $15.4 billion;
  • $75 million for Christchurch contingency housing;
  • $3.5m to get beneficiaries to get jobs and move to Christchurch.

Social Welfare



Law and Order


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source: newshub archive