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Charter schools 'reckless and dangerous'

Wednesday 13 Feb 2013 11:56 a.m.

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A teacher's union is about to tell a Parliamentary committee that allowing charter schools to be set up would be "reckless and dangerous".

The education select committee is hearing submissions on the Education Amendment Bill, which establishes a legal framework for the controversial schools.

The primary teachers union New Zealand Education Institute was due to present its submission this morning to tell MPs charter schools would damage public education in New Zealand.

"The Government proposals would allow the setting up of privately run and profit-driven schools funded by the taxpayer, with no public accountability and no need to employ qualified teachers," its submission says.

"We have one of the best public education systems in the world but this is tragically under threat from Government ideology."

Charter schools are an ACT Party initiative and can be set up by businesses, community organisations, churches or a consortium.

They will be able to set their own curriculum, don't have to employ registered teachers and can have their own term dates.

The NZEI says charter schools have been tried in other countries and haven't been a success.

The ACT Party argues that charter schools will have more flexibility than state schools and can tailor their teaching to help under-achieving pupils succeed.

Opposition parties oppose charter schools but the Government has the numbers to pass the bill.

When it becomes law the aim is to set up pilot charter schools in Auckland and Christchurch.


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