David Shearer: I'm sticking with Labour

  • 03/06/2014

Labour's former leader has no ambition to follow Shane Jones into an ambassador role.

David Shearer is in Samoa as part of the Prime Minister's cross-party delegation, which also includes Greens co-leader Metiria Turei and United Future leader Peter Dunne.

There has been talk Mr Shearer could return to being a diplomat after being rolled by David Cunliffe, but he says he is committed to Labour.

"I'm just not interested in it," says Mr Shearer. "It's not on my mind, not on my horizon at all. What I want to do is to get Labour into government and be in Labour government and serve the people of  New Zealand."

Mr Jones is also part of the delegation – his first as the newly minted Ambassador for Pacific Economic Development.


source: newshub archive