Dotcom prepares to drop 'political bomb'

  • 15/07/2014

Kim Dotcom says he will drop a political bomb just days out from the election and prove Prime Minister John Key misled the public.

Mr Key has always maintained the first he knew about Dotcom was a day before the raid on his mansion. But Dotcom says that is not true and he has hired the Auckland Town Hall.

Dotcom says he will drop a political bomb, which goes right to the core of Mr Key's credibility, five days out from the September 20 election.

"I invite everyone to come there because that is going to be the day where I'm going to reveal my evidence, my evidence around the political interference and my evidence that John Key lied," he says.

Mr Key has maintained the first he knew of Dotcom was on January 19, 2012, a day before Dotcom's mansion was raided.

His political opponents have long tried to prove that is not true.

Dotcom says he will release hard evidence.

"On September 15 I'm going to present my case."

Part of his plan to inflict as much political damage as possible in the run-up to the campaign is also highly likely to include leaks about our spies from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

In the meantime, Dotcom is rallying Hone Harawira's Mana support base.

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source: newshub archive