Greens ask police to extend spy inquiry

  • 11/04/2013

The Green Party has asked the police to investigate 88 cases of potentially illegal spying by the GCSB.

It wants the current inquiry into whether the agency breached the Crimes Act by illegally spying on Kim Dotcom extended to include all the cases in the Kitteridge report.

"It's important that law enforcement agencies act within the law and that's why we made the initial complaint," Green's co-leader Russel Norman told NZ Newswire on Friday.

"When it became clear with the Kitteridge report that there may be more unlawful activity by the GCSB we thought it made sense to extend the existing inquiry and that's what we've asked the police to do."

Dr Norman says senior officers are deciding whether to extend the inquiry.

The report by cabinet secretary Rebecca Kitteridge, released this week, says the Government Communications Security Bureau may have been acting illegally when it snooped on 88 people on behalf of the Security Intelligence Service and the police.

It is forbidden by law to spy on New Zealand citizens and residents.

Dr Norman says the police have been making good progress with their investigation into the Dotcom case.

"They've done numerous interviews and that's about as much as I know, we're getting updates on it," he said.


source: newshub archive

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