Greens unveil 2013 goals

  • 26/01/2013

The Greens aim to derail the Government's plans for partial assets sales in 2013 and get work started on an Auckland CBD rail link.

Party co-leader Metiria Turei, in a "state of the planet" speech, to be delivered in Auckland today, unveils the party's goals for the year, and its "I'm in - for the future" strategy, where people don't have to actually join the party.

"This is about building a ground campaign of individual New Zealanders who represent the future that will be a real challenge to the old wealth and vested interests of the National Party," Ms Turei said.

"We can't wait until 2014 to stop bad change occurring," she said in reference to next year's election.

People can sign up via the Green Party website and can join campaigns during the year. The first will fight the Government's plan to sell 49 percent of Mighty River Power and at least one other energy company in 2013.

Ms Turei said the party wanted one final push to get the petition numbers to force a referendum, albeit a non-binding one, on asset sales.

"New Zealanders oppose asset sales. The Government is in a mad rush to get rid of two power companies this year... we will deliver a stinging rebuke to this policy when we vote in a referendum.

Petition organisers say they already have about 340,000 signatures against asset sales, more than 10 percent of enrolled voters, to force a referendum.

Ms Turei said another goal for 2013 would be the campaign for a $2.5-billion rail link for central Auckland, which cannot be built without money from central government.

Auckland's mayor and council were committed to building the link, but nothing was happening.

"We need to build pressure on the Government in Wellington to deliver the public transport Aucklanders want and need."


source: newshub archive