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'I support gay adoption, but it's not a priority' - Key

Monday 28 May 2012 5:06 p.m.

Key says he would vote for a bill allowing gay adoption

Key says he would vote for a bill allowing gay adoption

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Prime Minister John Key says he is not bothered by gay adoption but it not a big enough issue for the Government to focus on.

He says allowing same-sex couple to adopt is not “hugely significant”, despite saying it is tragic for those who want to adopt but can’t.

“The truth is, less than 200 non-family adoptions take place in New Zealand at the moment.

“It’s just not a big enough issue…it’s now such a small group of New Zealanders that are getting the opportunity to adopt that it can’t be the Government’s number one issue when we are facing all of the other economic issues,” says Mr Key.

National MP Nikki Kaye has teamed up with Green MP Kevin Hague and are currently writing a private member’s bill to allow gay adoption.

Mr Key says it would be a conscience vote and he would support its first reading if it was pulled from the ballot.

“Personally, for me, I’m not too bothered if there was gay adoption, I think it matters more about whether you love the child than the sexuality of the parents but let’s see how things progress.

Despite it not being a priority, he says the Government has been working with Russia looking at the adoption rules between the two countries.

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