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Internet Party 'a gift to New Zealand' - Dotcom

Friday 30 May 2014 5:30 a.m.

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Kim Dotcom is denying he launched the Internet Party to help avoid extradition.

The internet millionaire says it's his way of repaying the public for the support he received after the raid on his Auckland mansion in 2012.

"There's a lot of speculation about why I created the party and it's going in a bad direction - everyone is thinking it's about my extradition," he said when Laila Harre was named as the party's leader on Thursday.

"That's absolutely not true."

Dotcom said he was arrested, most of his assets were seized in the raid, and he was alone.

"What saved me was the support of the New Zealand public, the media, and especially the young people - this party is my gratitude and my gift to those who stood by me."

Prime Minister John Key, and other Government politicians, have said Dotcom decided to become involved in politics because he hopes it will improve his chances of avoiding extradition.

United States authorities have accused him of internet piracy and money laundering, and the extradition hearing is due to start later this year after several delays.

The Internet Party has forged an alliance with Hone Harawira's Mana Party to fight the September 20 election.

Ms Harre says she's going to motivate young people to join it and vote for it.


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