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John Key denies 'bats**t' comment

Wednesday 7 Nov 2012 6:00 p.m.

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Prime Minister John  Key has denied using a common swearword to describe English football star David Beckham when talking to a group of Dunedin schoolchildren last Friday.

He was questioned about it in Parliament today by New Zealand First leader Winston Peters.

“Did he not say, at a meeting with schoolchildren, that David Beckham was as thick as bat… and you know what the rest was,” said Mr Peters.  “Is he denying it now?”

John Key replied that yes, he was denying it.

“Categorically I did not say that, no,” he said.

“I’m reluctant to swear in Parliament, but the member has asked me whether I used the word ‘batshit’.  I did not.”

Reports of the Prime Minister’s alleged bad language made news around the world.

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