Jones unlikely to contest leadership

  • 22/08/2013

Labour MP Shane Jones has all but ruled out standing for the party leadership.

He was considered a potential candidate but says it's "very unlikely" he will throw his hat in the ring.

Mr Jones came to Parliament in 2005 and was a cabinet minister in the previous Labour Government.

He was doing well until, in 2010, he had to admit using his taxpayer-funded ministerial credit card to pay for pornographic movies he watched on hotel TVs.

He described it at the time as "disreputable and inexcusable" and conceded his career had been seriously damaged.

The hugely embarrassing incident has faded now and Mr Jones has recovered his position on Labour's front bench.

He says the caucus must unite behind whoever becomes the new leader.

"Whoever the person is who takes us forward, they've got to connect with the public," he said on Radio New Zealand.

"And even more important, we've got to stamp out the discords which hurt political movements."


source: newshub archive

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