Key keen to see Ngapuhi settle claim

  • 31/01/2014

Prime Minister John Key is keen to see a settlement of Ngapuhi's Treaty of Waitangi claim and says he'll be getting the message across at next week's commemoration celebrations.

Mr Key and other political leaders will be making their annual trip to Waitangi and he says he wants to see the Far North move out of economic tough times.

"There's a settlement on the table there, and I know Ngapuhi are keen to get it over the line," he told reporters.

"It can make a tremendous difference in what are some of the economically poorest parts of the country - hundreds of millions of dollars that could be used to benefit the Maori people - and we'll be actively encouraging them to settle that deal."

The Waitangi Tribunal began hearing Ngapuhi's case, which involves 1200 separate claims, in 2010 and it was expected to take six years to conclude.

Mr Key says it has the potential to create a new economic base for the iwi in the Far North.


source: newshub archive