Key silent on possibility more Kiwis killed by drones

  • 22/04/2014

Prime Minister John Key is refusing to comment on the possibility that more Kiwis have been killed by drone strikes in Yemen.

He last week confirmed that one New Zealander, known as Muslim bin John, had been killed alongside three others, one of them an Australian.

Mr Key said the man, whose real name hasn't been released, had links to al-Qaeda.

He was killed late last year but it took time for DNA tests to confirm his identity, Mr Key said.

There have been waves of strikes by US drones since then, including one at the weekend which is reported to have killed 55 suspected militants.

Asked at his post-cabinet press conference on Tuesday whether any other New Zealanders had been killed, Mr Key said he was "not in a position to comment".

In response to further questions he replied: "I just wouldn't want to comment at this stage".

He wouldn't say at what stage he was likely to comment.


source: newshub archive