Kim Dotcom denies Cameron Slater's hacking allegations

  • 17/08/2014

Blogger Cameron Slater has posted what he says is proof that Kim Dotcom is responsible for hacking the thousands of private emails used by Nicky Hager for his book, Dirty Politics.

The text messages show Dotcom has been collecting information about his enemies, but Dotcom says the hacking allegations are nonsense.

It's a fight between the heavyweights and Wayne Tempero has fought for both sides. The former bodyguard and confidante of Dotcom is now helping Slater in what he calls his biggest story yet.

Slater has posted texts Dotcom sent to Mr Tempero, written before the release of Hager's book, which was based on Slater's hacked emails.

Dotcom tells Mr Tempero, "I know what's coming. I want to offer you a friendly way out. It's going to get ugly."

He goes on: "We have been collecting evidence and witnesses for 3 months. I hired professionals to get me information."

"This proves he hired hackers and other people to spy on a number of people," says Slater.

Slater says several people have been targeted. National MP Mark Mitchell and Dotcom's former business partner, Tony Lentino, have had their offices broken into, and fellow right-wing blogger David Farrar also claims to have been hacked.

Dotcom told 3 News "it's nonsense" and "absolutely not". He says he had nothing to do with the hacking and "nothing at all" to do with Mr Hager's book.

"Information's been hacked and stolen to do that," says Prime Minister John Key. "You'd have to be sophisticated and professional."

But Mr Key says he doesn't know if Dotcom had something to do with the hacking. Mr Hager also denies the allegation.

"I've been dealing with one person who is part of a group of techie hackers," says Mr Hager.

Mr Hager admits he can't be sure about everyone in the group or whom they're involved with.

"I don't know them all," he says.

Dotcom told 3 News his team has been collecting information about Whale Oil as part of a legal case against him. He says the professionals he refers to in the text are private investigators, not hackers.

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source: newshub archive