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Kim Dotcom visits Parliament

Wednesday 19 Sep 2012 2:09 p.m.

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By Lloyd Burr

Internet mogul and Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has visited Parliament this afternoon, but says it has nothing to do with John Banks’ donations saga.

The piracy-accused arrived with his wife and entourage to sit in on Question Time and see Parliament in person.

“I would like to see what is going on in Parliament and just check it out. I would have come here anyway, even if there was no Banks issue. I just want to see it,” he says.  

Mr Dotcom is in Wellington for a Court of Appeal case, which starts tomorrow.

Upon arrival, he was rushed upstairs by security to the Debating Chamber’s public gallery and told not to stop for the crowd of media.

Prime Minister John Key was asked about Mr Dotcom’s presence at Parliament but would not comment because Mr Dotcom’s piracy case is before the courts.

After Question Time, Mr Dotcom spoke to reporters outside Parliament and reiterated that Mr Banks knew about two donations made to him for his mayoral campaign.

Mr Banks received two $25,000 donations from Mr Dotcom in 2010 which were declared as anonymous.

An investigation by police concluded that although laws were broken, there was not enough evidence for charges to be laid against Mr Banks.

“He certainly knew about the donations,” Mr Dotcom says. “He confirmed it to me in a phone call so he knew.”

He questions Mr Key’s ethical standards and says his Government is under threat by the saga

“It’s a very fragile majority. The balance of power is threatened by this whole John Banks affair.

“If you ask around, there are not many people who think John Banks did the right thing. He should have been upfront and tell people the truth and he didn’t do that,” he says.

Mr Dotcom finished by saying the whole topic needed to be put to bed.

Yesterday, Mr Banks refused to answer questions about the affidavits in the police file.

He says the closed police investigation speaks for itself.

“A team of the very best police officers this country could assemble went through this intensively and extensively.

“They weighed every word of every witness, every sentence of every witness, every paragraph of every witness and they concluded no charges. We’ve moved on.”

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