Labour questioning Dotcom investigation

  • 25/09/2012

By 3 News online staff 

The Labour Party has called into question Prime Minister John Key’s leadership of a Government ministry, after it was revealed police wrongly informed a national intelligence agency it was allowed to spy on alleged internet pirate Kim Dotcom, despite the fact Dotcom celebrated his New Zealand residency with a huge fireworks show.

The Government Communications and Security Bureau [GCSB] is allowed to intercept the communications of foreigners without permission - but not New Zealand citizens or residents.

Mr Key has launched an investigation into the case, but Labour leader David Shearer has criticised the move as a way for Mr Key to avoid discussing it.

"The only problem with the inquiry of course is John Key gets to hide behind the inquiry and obviously some of the details may not come out," Mr Shearer told Firstline this morning.

Mr Shearer’s beliefs appear to be correct, as Mr Key refused to answer questions on the situation in Parliament yesterday afternoon.

"Wait for the report before jumping to conclusions," Mr Key told Parliament yesterday as he fended off a torrent of questions.

The Opposition leader says Mr Key must take responsibility for the GCSB’s actions, as he is in charge of the ministry.

Mr Shearer called Mr Key’s claims of not knowing about the investigation into Dotcom “ridiculous” – saying the Prime Minister met with GCSB 15 times last year and it would be “remarkable” for the issue to not have been raised.

Yesterday it was revealed Deputy Prime Minister Bill English knew about the operation before Prime Minister John Key, but didn't pass on the information.

Mr English isn't commenting on the development, saying he wouldn't want to give the sense he can recall details that he can't.

Kim Dotcom will re-appear in the Auckland High Court today where it is expected more details will emerge about the highly controversial case.

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source: newshub archive