Leadership woes remain for Shearer

  • 21/11/2012

By Brook Sabin

Labour leader David Shearer spent the day trying to shake off leadership woes, wanting to talk about his plan to build 100,000 affordable homes.

But the ‘C’ word – Cunliffe - was never far away. In fact, David Cunliffe's supporters could be about to launch an attack.  

Just when Mr Shearer thought he had plugged the holes in his leadership doubts, Mr Cunliffe's electorate committee is considering laying a complaint with the party, over comments made by fellow MPs - such as comments by Chris Hipkins, who said: “Clearly [Mr Cunliffe] has been willing to undermine the current leader, just as he undermined the last leader.”

But Mr Shearer isn't fazed.

“As far as we're concerned this issue is behind us,” he says.

Prime Minister John Key couldn't resist a dig.

“They fundamentally do not like each other, they fundamentally do not trust each other and this is only round one,” says Mr Key.

When the plan to build 100,000 homes finally came up, Mr Shearer was left defending his numbers.

The project has been costed at $1.5 billion, but there are doubts on how many sections will be needed which raises questions on how accurate that costing is.

Mr Cunliffe's electorate committee will decide in the next few days whether to lay a complaint, a move which could well keep attention on Mr Shearer's leadership.

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source: newshub archive