More privacy breaches by ACC

  • 10/06/2012

By Brook Sabin

ACC has been caught sending private details to the wrong person again.

A 60 Minutes investigation into the Bronwyn Pullar saga uncovered details of the privacy breach – the latest of dozens of complaints directed at the besieged corporation.

She's in the eye of a political storm, but Bronwyn Pullar has not been seen.

She has maintained her own privacy, even after a leak exposed her as the whistleblower who revealed ACC had committed one of the biggest privacy breaches in New Zealand history.

Now in an exclusive 60 Minutes interview, she has spoken out about her decision to expose that ACC had sent her a file containing the private details of thousands of claimants.

“I think the thing with the file was that this was just a massive balls-up,” she says. “How could they send me a file with 7000 names in it and not be aware of it? But really, this issue was bigger than me.”

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The Privacy Commissioner received more than 60 complaints about alleged privacy breaches by ACC last year, including four major breaches.

3 News can reveal that in yet another one, the personal details of a significant number of other people were sent to a claimant when he requested his own file.

But the man who received the information is too afraid to go public because he feels bullied by ACC.

News of another breach does not surprise Ms Pullar.

Minister for ACC, Judith Collins, said in a statement to 60 Minutes, "I cannot emphasise enough how seriously I view recent privacy-related issues.

"At this stage, I am not yet satisfied ACC's privacy provisions and protocols are appropriate, or are being complied with to the level they should be."

As the pressure continues to mount on ACC's bosses, a slew of inquiries into its privacy woes continues.

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source: newshub archive