Novopay 'fires' 100 teachers

  • 17/03/2013

A fresh glitch with the troubled pay system Novopay has effectively `fired' 100 teachers it believes will have their contracts terminated in April.

The new fault, which wrongly states some teachers are leaving their roles at the end of the term, is the latest in a string of problems that has plagued the system since it was introduced last August.

The minister responsible for Novopay, Steven Joyce, is expected to announce the results of a technical review into the system this week.

The Auckland Primary Principals' Association revealed the latest problem on Sunday.

The Ministry of Education has said it is likely to be caused by a system bug, and will be fixed well before the end of term, ensuring the 100 teachers affected still get paid.

Novopay problems have so far affected 1600 teachers at 628 schools.

A recent review showed 521 teachers have been overpaid, 589 underpaid and 552 were not paid at all.


source: newshub archive

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