NZ First still in the game despite Prosser

  • 13/02/2013

Richard Prosser may have apologised for his comments about Wogistan and banning Muslim men from air travel.

In an interview with 3 News, his apology extended only to the way his article was written. He's denied being racist, and stands by his comments mocking Allah.

“The majority of Muslims are peaceful, law abiding people who are not involved with terrorism and I didn't do enough to separate those two things in that article,” he says.

Yet he wasn't too worried about using the term "Wogistan".

Wog is a racially offensive slang word but Mr Prosser doesn't think he's racist.

His original rant began when he had his pocket knife confiscated by airline security. He admits it made him very angry. So angry he decided a majority of Muslim males should be banned from flying - and told them to take camels instead. 

It's offended many in the Muslim world - there are 1.6 billion worldwide and 36,000 in New Zealand. But he’s still standing by the line that their God Allah is an imaginary friend in the sky.

“Look people can get upset about that if they want, there are some people that are more easily outraged than they should be,” he says.

Prosser got a ticking off from his party leader Winston Peters.

“I think he's been given a kick where the sun don't shine and he'll probably be eating his meals off the mantlepiece for the next week,” Mr Peters said today.

But Mr Prosser will keep his seat in Parliament.

The major parties aren't so outraged as to rule out dealing with the party that harbours Mr Prosser to get power at the next election, so he and New Zealand First are still in the game.

3 News

source: newshub archive