NZ spurns global internet treaty update

  • 15/12/2012

New Zealand refused to sign a controversial global treaty on telecom regulations.

An update to International Telecommunication Regulations agreed in 1988 was signed by 89 countries and opposed by 55 at a conference in Dubai on Friday, AFP reports.

New Zealand rejected the push to bring the internet under stronger state control, Communications Minister Amy Adams said.

"We supported improvements to the regulations to bring greater pricing information to mobile roaming users, and special measures to help small island developing states to connect to international fibre networks.

"We did not agree with proposals that would broaden the role of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)," she said.

The regulations set the rules for connecting telecommunications networks across the world.

As New Zealand has declined to adopt the revised regulations, the 1988 regulations will continue to apply here.

The US on Thursday slammed the treaty, saying it opened the door to government regulation of the internet.

ITU chief Hamadoun Toure said the conference was not about the internet control or internet governance.


source: newshub archive

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