Parliament debates the 'True Blue', affordable house

  • 30/01/2013

An example of Labour's promised $300,000 home in Auckland was produced in Parliament today, by the Greens.

Labour was too embarrassed to comment on it, but Prime Minister John Key had to – it's in his electorate.

All the arguing is about a $300,000 home in Auckland – a $315,000 valuation actually. It's in Hobsonsville, Mr Key's electorate. The Greens found it advertised on Trade Me for auction. It's called "True Blue".

“If the Prime Minister truly believes that building a $300,000 home is impossible, as he said, has he never visited his own electorate?” asks Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei.

Labour Party leader David Shearer has promised $300,000 homes in Auckland since announcing Labour's KiwiBuild policy in November.

“The possibility of building $300,000 houses is very, very real,” says Mr Shearer.

This week we've been asking Mr Shearer what that $300,000 would get you. On Sunday, it was two bedrooms. On Monday, it was three bedrooms. On Tuesday, they could be standalone.

“In west Auckland – I've seen them in Mangere,” says Mr Shearer.

Today, Mr Shearer was unavailable to discuss the matter with 3 News.

A Labour insider said they don't like the "True Blue" example put forward by the Greens, saying it's an embarrassment to KiwiBuild.

Labour prefers a two-bedroom house in west Auckland suburb Glen Eden, sold for $310,000. Mr Key says Labour isn't being upfront.

“David Shearer had a road to Damascus experience, or actually it was a road to Ponsonby experience, and realised it will cost a lot more than $300,000,” says Mr Key.

So $300,000 homes, actually just over that, can be found if you look hard enough. But exactly what Labour's policy will get you, and where it will be, remains unclear. And unless Mr Shearer can get the details straight, it is vulnerable to attack.

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source: newshub archive