Paul Goldsmith replaced with bag of flour

  • 06/06/2014

Labour's candidate for Epsom, Michael Wood, brought out the political flour power on The Nation this morning when he pulled out a bag of flour to stand in for National candidate for Epsom Paul Goldsmith.

After Mr Goldsmith refused to front to talk about the state of play in Epsom in the wake of the John Banks scandal, Mr Wood decided the bag of flour should rise to the occasion instead.

"There was a famous case in the early 1980s where Roy Hattersley, the deputy leader of the British Labour Party, refused to appear on interviews and refused to front up," says Mr Wood. "He was replaced by a bag of lard."

"I'm not so unkind, but every time that Paul Goldsmith fails to front in this campaign, we're going to remind people about the dirty deal with this bag of wholemeal flour. This is going to sit in place of Paul Goldsmith, who is not fronting and is facilitating a deal with the ACT Party, to get them back when they don't deserve it."

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source: newshub archive

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