Peter Dunne slams TV One

  • 03/05/2012

TV One is the worst channel in the country and replacing the scrapped TVNZ7 with its "repeats" is the ultimate insult to anyone's intelligence, United Future leader Peter Dunne says.

Mr Dunne, a Government minister, says TVNZ's flagship TV One is "crass, superficial, lowest common denominator rubbish".

"It is too obsessed with its own self-imagined `stars' and the culture surrounding them to have any credible claim on being a legitimate national broadcaster."

TVNZ is going to replace TVNZ7 with a new "plus one" channel that will duplicate TV One an hour later.

Its acting chief executive Rodney Parker said the decision on the new channel was made after looking at the commercial viability of other options.

It will start broadcasting on July 1.

Mr Dunne says TVNZ7 always had higher standards than TV One.

"To replace TVNZ7 with the rubbish of TV One is a disgusting insult to the hundreds of thousands of regular TVNZ7 viewers."


source: newshub archive