Peters refuses to back Horan amid allegations

  • 27/11/2012

New Zealand First MP Brendan Horan’s usual seat in Parliament was empty today. He has been stood down from parliamentary duties amid allegations a large sum of money has gone missing from his late mother's bank account.

NZ First party leader Winston Peters today refused to express confidence in his MP, a former TVNZ weatherman, instead saying he'll wait for the facts to emerge.

“His number one priority is to sort this matter out,” says Mr Peters.

Mr Horan's brother has alleged large sums of money went missing from his mother's bank account over several years before she died in August. 

“The brother made a complaint to me, and he promised to send it to me,” says Mr Peters, “[But] at this point in time, two months later, I haven't been in receipt of any of it.”

3 News has obtained a will amendment that was signed by Mr Horan's mother in July.

"I authorise my nephew, John Buckthought, to recover monies by any lawful means from my daughter Marilyn Bleackey and son, Brendan Horan, which has been either loaned to them by me, or taken from me by misadventure,” it states.

Mr Peters today refused to express confidence in his MP on two occasions.

“I deal with the facts, and when I see them I’ll make my decision then,” he says.

Mr Horan isn't usually shy of publicity, but he was nowhere to be seen today. Although on Sunday, he rubbished his brother’s claims.

“These allegations are wild, baseless and demonstrably false.”

Mr Horan is in the process of launching a defamation case and won't comment further, saying it's all now in the hands of his lawyer.

The family members making the allegations are yet to complain to the police, but Mr Peters today delivered a clear message to them: put up or shut up.

3 News 

source: newshub archive