Peters wants more party members

  • 14/06/2012

NZ First holds is annual convention this weekend, the first party get-together since it returned to Parliament in last year's election.

The party spent three years out of Parliament but leader Winston Peters managed to resurrect it, winning 6.6 percent of the party vote and returning eight MPs.

Mr Peters already has his eye on 2014 and says the convention will focus on signing up more party members so it can run a strong campaign.

Almost none of his MPs have previous Parliamentary experience and Mr Peters still hasn't appointed a deputy or a party whip.

He says that won't be dealt with by the convention because there are "too many other issues" for it to concentrate on.

Since the election Mr Peters has been a trenchant critic of Government policy and is again targeting the grey power vote which in the past has been vital to NZ First's survival.

The convention is being held in Palmerston North and on Saturday members will put up remits for debate.

Mr Peters speaks on Sunday, when he is expected to attack the Government over asset sales, its economic policies and its reliance on United Future and ACT to stay in power.


source: newshub archive