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Poll: National-Labour gap closing

Sunday 14 Oct 2012 5:02 p.m.

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The latest 3 News-Reid Research political poll shows the gap between National Party and Labour Party closing. But it appears the Kim Dotcom saga, while it is hurting Prime Minister John Key, is not fatal.

While Labour has picked up some support, its leader, David Shearer, remains in the doldrums as preferred Prime Minister.

Mr Key will be buoyed by tonight's results. National appears to have escaped unscathed from his brain-fade over Dotcom. At 62 seats, National quite remarkably could govern alone.

The Dotcom issue will, however, continue to dog the Prime Minister. He must on Tuesday correct the record in Parliament after misleading it about what he knew about Dotcom. It's effectively an apology and will be hugely embarrassing.

For Mr Shearer, he is still under plenty of pressure. His caucus isn't convinced about his leadership. His poll rating personally is going nowhere, and he's not out the woods by any stretch.

Watch the video for the full poll results from Political Editor Duncan Garner.

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