Roast Busters petition falls flat with PM

  • 10/11/2013

Prime Minister John Key is keeping his distance from a petition asking for him to step into the "Roast Busters" sexual assault investigation.

The online petition, organised by Auckland woman Jessie Hulme, has attracted more than 64,000 signatures calling for Mr Key to "find justice for the many young women who were victimised by Roast Busters".

Roast Busters is the adopted name of a group of Auckland teens who allegedly got young girls drunk, had group sex with them and then bragged on the internet about their exploits and named their victims.

Police have revealed they started investigating the group in 2011 and despite a formal complaint from one victim, did not press charges and the group continued its activities.

Mr Key told TVNZ's Breakfast programme on Monday police were independent and it was not for him to tell them how to investigate.

"It's the police that have to decide. If we wade in that will actually damage the case if there is a case to be taken."

Following the intense publicity around the case, police are now looking closer at possible charges against the boys.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority is also investigating how police handled the initial complaints to them by some of the victims.

Mr Key said the authority would determine whether police had done their job properly.

However, Mr Key did say the government would look at a possible law changes to help support victims if it was needed.


source: newshub archive